IT2000 helps students make informed career choices

IT2000 helps students make informed career choices

At Clay High School, outside of Toledo in Ohio, students will — for the first time — be able to make informed decisions about the courses they take. This is because of the School's new IT2000 training lab.

According to Barbara Pappas:

"The new lab has brought a lot of interest from the students, in fact I'm having to slow them down, they all want to work through the lab even though we have only had it installed for one semester."

"We did bring the 8th graders through the lab to see how the IT2000 curriculum and the management system would work and that went really well."

"Our initial focus is on the Freshman year, to show them what opportunities there are and hopefully get them to take more computer classes in their junior and senior years".

when asked how the IT2000 program was helping in this, Barbara commented:

"It really helps the kids make the decision of whether they want a career in computers or not. It helps them to pick a specialization area if they want to move into IT."

"The equipment like the digital video camera is great, they don’t have anything like it at home. Once the kids go home and show their parents what they have been doing at school, I’m sure that we will end up opening the lab for members of our community".