New Web-based Support Goes Live

New Web-based Support Goes Live

A new database driven support system has been designed and is now available to all users of the web site. The new system replaces the existing files and aims to provide users with a better service.

Why the change?

The old system was initially designed as a tool where the company could make files available to members of staff dealing with support related issues.

At the time the system served it purpose, and became more and more popular as the word spread.

Since then, support staff have become accustomed to referring to the system to see if certain issues have previously been covered.

As new products became available and more issues needed to be addressed by the support team, customers began making use of this facility directly, and before anyone realised what had happened the system evolved dramatically.

The natural evolution of the system meant that as more and more information was made available, the more complicated and inefficient this became.

In order to tackle this inherited complexity, members of the software department have designed and implemented a new database driven system.

Being database driven, the system can now be maintained by members of staff dedicated to a specific task. For example, technical curriculum authors are now able to directly make updates available through a unique administration interface available only to them.


What has changed?

A newly structured approach to updates is now available, which make it easier to identify the appropriate downloads. This deals with updates for curriculum material, system updates, and updates available for third-party tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) have also been addressed in the new system and entries can now be related to other items. The search facility makes it easy to locate questions dealing with a particular issue.

The system also includes an area dedicated to downloadable resources, where users can find tools designed to help them make the most of their products.