Promoting STEM in Hertfordshire

Promoting STEM in Hertfordshire

For schools in the South West Herts consortium, November saw the successful launch of the Routes into STEM project. The project was commissioned by the South West Herts Strategic Area Partnership Group and managed by LJ Create.

Routes into STEM is a 3-year project is aimed at promoting the importance of the STEM initiative to both teachers and learners. The project will see a range of cutting edge resources on offer for all local schools, in order to make it possible to teach real word Science, Technology and Engineering in the classroom.

The project objectives are to create wider participation and achievement in STEM-based subjects and increase awareness of the progression and career opportunities within these areas.

The launch events held at Watford Football Club allowed over 150 learners from 11 schools to get their hands on the resources and learn just how engaging STEM subjects can be.

Each school attended with their designated STEM Ambassador and took part in a range of activities, including:

• Design and test steel beams to destruction
• Provide green energy for an island
• Connect up a pneumatic door system
• Programme a robot to improve quality control
• Crash test a Maglev train
• Use injection moulding to make a product

Each of the challenges contained a balance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Throughout the day the learners developed their awareness of the importance of each subject and gained valuable insight into the ways in which the subjects are inextricably linked.

The launch days were hugely successful with learners and teachers alike full of enthusiasm and excitement about the pending implementation of the resources within their schools.

The positive comments and feedback prove just how well the launch events went.

“The S.T.E.M. trip was a fantastic learning experience and most importantly great fun”.
(Student, Year 7)

“It was a great morning and I would definitely go again if I had the chance, it gave me an insight into what a career in engineering could be like”.
(Student, Year 9)

“The first challenge to programme a robot was my favourite. We had to programme it to take a part from Dispenser A and pass it through a sensor to check if it had a hole in it. If the part had a hole in it we had to make the robot put the part on the conveyor belt”.
(Student, Year 7)

Thank you for a fantastic morning. We really enjoyed it and it enabled me to chat with other teachers and see our students working together in a new way. I was very proud of them! Thank you for all your hard work and organisation.
Teacher, St Clement Danes School

Yesterday was a brilliant day for all concerned
Teacher, Parmiter’s School

Just a follow up to thank you and colleagues for putting on the recent STEM event at Watford Football Club. Reports back from our learners and the accompanying member of staff were very positive indeed – strong references to interesting activities and thorough organisation. Thanks for the opportunity which clearly had a beneficial impact.
Assistant Principal, The Bushey Academy

The next phase of the project is to implement the resources into each of the schools and hold regional training sessions for the STEM ambassadors.