New Online Learning Program Dramatically Increases Science Scores in Texas

New Online Learning Program Dramatically Increases Science Scores in Texas

LJ Create's new Online Science Materials have already started to make a big difference to science scores. An Educator from Houston tells LJ about a double digit increase in her students' science scores.

LJ Create The Virtual Science Lab

Ms. T.R. Augustine is a Professional Instructional Technology Coordinator at Welch Middle School, Houston, Texas.  She is responsible for managing and training teachers on Instructional Technology Systems.

Welch Middle School has been using LJ Create's new online science program, SciTEX Learning, within science classes for the last month and staff are delighted with the results.

This is what Ms. Augustine has to say...

Ms T.R. Augusrine, Welch Middle School, Houston, Texas

Welch Middle School would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to LJ Create for allowing our 8th students to utilize your Science Learning system. Just in the last 30 days of use we have seen a DOUBLE DIGIT increase in Science scores based on your virtual lab and learning program.

Also thank you for adding 5th – 7th grade recently, the teachers and students are already raving about how well the students reply to the virtual labs. Of course we still utilize two other Science learning systems, but this has by far, gotten the best response because its so hands on. I want you to know your contribution to Welch will not go unnoticed.

Our concept at Welch was teamwork once we viewed your demo. After teachers introduce a concept and quiz students, they come into the lab and complete the 45 min lesson, practice, lab investigation and assessment as a group with me using SciTex Learning, then switch to the tables in the back of my room to work with the teacher to review the concept again. The hands on and technology aspect is really working in our favor.