Anti-Lock Braking Systems Panel Trainer

This trainer provides students and instructors with the opportunity to demonstrate, investigate, and fault-find a simulation of a typical 4-wheel anti-lock braking system. The trainer is designed to demonstrate ABS hydraulic and electrical system operation, as well as provide the ability to simulate changes in road conditions that impact ABS operation. To facilitate the development of techniques in diagnostics and fault-finding skills, the panel includes a range of fault-insertion options to simulate typical real-world system malfunctions.

Typical practical tasks include:

  • Principles of braking systems and vehicle acceleration/deceleration
  • Identify the phases of ABS operation.
  • Test the operation of ABS sensors and switches.
  • Concepts of wheel spin and slip
  • Effects of slip on wheel braking and vehicle stability
  • Basic concepts of an ABS system
  • Static operation of an ABS system, covering pressure isolation, pressure dump, pressure increase and pressure normal
  • Dynamic operation of an ABS system in real time
  • The ABS hydraulic circuit and solenoid operation
  • ABS wheel sensors - evaluate Hall Effect and inductive sensors
  • Electronic signals in an ABS system
  • Operation of an electronically-controlled hydraulic modulator
  • ABS control unit (ECU) operation
  • Sensor operation and fault diagnosis
  • Diagnosis of system faults
  • ABS system fault-code reading using on-board fault-code scanner
  • Troubleshooting the hydraulic modulator

    The items supplied include:

  • Anti-lock braking system panel trainer
  • Digital multimeter

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