Injection Molding Trainer

Our STEM learning packages have been designed to provide practical real-world problem-solving tasks and activities within the classroom or lab environment. These activities will provide an engaging approach that helps instructors show contextualized linkages between Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Students will have access to hands-on learning opportunities within our cloud-based STEM curriculum software package. This easy to use software also contains theory presentations, virtual investigations, and support materials to underpin the practical tasks.

The Injection Molding Trainer offers a classroom-based resource for investigating the techniques used to create thermo-plastic products. Students will see how a good grasp of the science of material properties is needed to select appropriate materials and methods for production. They will also gain an understanding of how mathematics is required to develop production costs and propose selling costs etc.

The set includes:

  • Injection Molding Rig
  • Mold Set
  • Accessory Kit
  • Model Cabinet Door

Typical practical activities include:

  • Investigate the molding process
  • Investigate the causes of mold flash and shrinkage
  • Research tools and fabrication processes used in manufacturing
  • Compare the costs of differently designed molded parts
  • Design, prototype, test and evaluate a door knob

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Product: Injection Molding Trainer
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