Advanced Electronics Experiment Platform

This unit provides power supplies and connection facilities for the complete range of advanced electronics circuit boards. It can operate either in standalone mode, or via a USB interface to a host PC.

Facilities are provided for switching of faults into most study modules.

Alignment of each circuit board on the experiment platform is achieved by means of an integral guide-rail system. A locking mechanism ensures a reliable and safe electrical contact.

The platform meets the power supply requirements for all advanced electronics study modules. The following power supply outputs are provided:

  • 0-12V Variable DC
  • +5V DC
  • -5V DC
  • +12V DC
  • -12V DC
  • 12-0-12V 50/60 Hz AC

The Variable DC supply is adjusted by means of a rotary control on the front panel of the experiment platform. An integrated push-button allows connection/isolation of all circuit board power supplies. Indication of Variable DC supply voltage and on/off status is provided by a bar-graph display.

A Signal Generator input connector is provided on the rear panel of the platform. This allows the output of an external signal generator to be connected, via the platform, to the appropriate test-point sockets of the fitted study module.

The instructor can manually insert faults into the fitted study module by means of the front-panel rotary control after first inserting an Instructor Key. During selection, the fault number is indicated by a 7-segment display. Once activated by clicking the rotary control, the fault number is hidden from the student.

An A-Type USB cable is supplied with the platform to allow computer inserted faults. Windows-based software, duplicating the front-panel controls, is provided on CD. When connected to a PC, the following additional options are available to the Instructor:

  • Enable/disable the Instructor Key
  • Show/hide the Fault Number from the student

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Product: Advanced Electronics Experiment Platform
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