Engine Management Systems Board

This hands-on learning resource allows students to investigate engine management systems using a range of simulated on-board components. Used in conjunction with our automotive cloud-based learning content, students are set tasks that encourage them to explore circuits practically to help develop their understanding of electrical components, circuits and systems. The resource is also focused on the development of diagnostic and fault-finding skills using real test equipment.

The optional cloud-based learning resources also offer supporting material in the form of presentations, investigations and assessments to underpin the practical tasks carried out.

Practical topics covered include:

  • Fuel system electronics - the basics
  • Transducers
  • Computers
  • Actuators
  • Emission control
  • Self-diagnosis and trouble codes

Typical activities include:

  • Interpret schematic and block diagrams.
  • Identify a typical engine control Vref value.
  • Identify the reason for using both crankshaft and camshaft position sensors.
  • Recognize how to check correct operation of the engine coolant temperature sensor.
  • Determine the typical voltages produced by an exhaust gas oxygen sensor.
  • Diagnose faults with the throttle position potentiometer.
  • State the advantages of computer control for vehicle systems.
  • Convert flash-type trouble codes into numerical codes.
  • Recognize why injection time varies with engine temperature.
  • Recognize how mixture strength is affected by injector open time.
  • Diagnose faults with injectors.
  • Recognize the operating principle of air injection.
  • Measure resistance of the EGR solenoid.
  • Recognize how to activate computer self-diagnosis and the purpose of a ’wiggle’ test.

The circuit board provides the following features:

  • Exhaust gas analyser
  • Diagnostic display
  • Knock sensor
  • Inlet air temperature control
  • Throttle position sensor
  • Engine load control
  • Coolant temperature sensor
  • Airflow sensor
  • Exhaust oxygen sensor
  • Canister purge solenoid
  • Coils
  • Injectors
  • Crankshaft position sensor
  • Idle air valve
  • EGR solenoid valve
  • Canister purge solenoid
  • Ignition switch
  • Vehicle speed indicator

Note that this resource requires a 707-01 Autotronics Accessory Pack.

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