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Marking Student Attendance

The Attendance report enables a teacher to manually mark the attendance of each student in a class. Using the ‘Date Range’ facility, an attendance report can be set up to show particular days of the week, up to 8 periods per day and a start and end range of dates.
An attendance key can be set with up to 20 different entries. Each entry is represented by a single character and a brief description, for example ‘P’ and ‘Present’.


  • From Report Manager, select a class and the attendance report.
  • Select a date range and generate the report.
  • If the report contains today’s date, this column (or columns if there is more than one period per day) will be shown in yellow
  • To mark a student, click in the yellow cell belonging to the required student and select the appropriate attendance mark then press ENTER.
  • Multiple cells can be selected by dragging with the mouse. To select all students for a particular column, click in the column heading.

Note: Under the Options menu, you can select whether to allow attendance’s to be marked for today’s date only. If this is set on, only the yellow column can be marked.


ClassAct can automatically mark present all students in the class who are currently logged on to the management system.

  • Generate the attendance report as above.
  • Click in the column heading for the current period and mark everybody absent (A).
  • Now right click in the column heading and select ‘Automatic Mark’.

All students currently logged onto the management system will have their mark changed to present (P). Those students not logged on will have their mark left unaltered.

Related Issues

The Utilisation report records the amount of time each student spends logged onto the system. Right click on the attendance report to switch to the utilisation report from the attendance report and vice-versa.