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Does LJ software support Windows Vista?

An extensive test and update program has been carried out to ensure that all current LJ software is compatible with Windows Vista.

In general, if you have problems with a piece of software running on Vista which previously functioned, it is recommended that you update to the latest version of that software.

Software product supplied by LJ breaks down into three distinct categories:

  1. System Software This is the software written by us that is required to launch and manage learning content and includes ClassAct and ClassAct SRS.
  2. LJ Applications These are applications written by us and accessed by students using the learning content, for example the ScanTek Robotek application.
  3. Third Party Software These are products created and maintained by other manufacturers and used within LJ learning content, for example Microsoft Encarta.

System Software
Some core system software components have been updated to function better on Windows Vista:

  • ClassAct SRS V1.2b (CD1248/B February 2007)
  • ClassAct Workstation V1.4 (CD1355/A - April 2007)
  • ClassAct NT Management V1.4 (CD1355/A - April 2007)

LJ Applications
LJ written applications used within curriculum modules have been tested and updated for compatibility with Windows Vista where required.

Third Party Applications
Vista compatibility of third party products is not under our control. Where possible, learning module content has been updated to use compatible version of Third party software.

Note: LJ software is only being tested and supported on 32-bit versions of Vista.