LJ Create offers a range of resources specifically tailored towards the requirements of the 14-19 Diplomas.

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14-19 Diplomas

Our wide-range of materials can be used across many of the Diploma lines of learning. To see the resources we offer for your Diplomas and how we can support delivery, click the relevant link below.


Schools and colleges in England are able to offer new diploma qualifications to students aged between 14 and 19. The new 14-19 Diploma is an alternative to the traditional GCSE or A-level route. It offers a mix of classroom learning, creative thinking and hands-on experience.

Since 2009, 10 subjects are available for the diploma qualification. By 2011, a further seven subject areas will be released, giving students 17 different diploma lines to choose from.

LJ Create offer blended teaching resources in the form of equipment, software, online or CD-based curriculum, and instructors' guides for a number of these diploma lines.