BETT on Green in 2011

BETT on Green in 2011

Green Technologies were the main talking point on LJ Create's stand (D66) at the 2011 BETT Show. Visitors from the education profession representing countries from all over the world stopped by our stand, to admire the new Sustainable Energy and Green Construction teaching resources that we displayed on our eye-catching bright orange and white LJ Create stand.

LJ Create had its busiest ever show days on stand D66 at the 2011 BETT Education Show in the Olympia Exhibition Centre, Kensington, London. We estimate that over the week of the show (January 11th to 15th, 2011), we had nearly 1000 Visitors from all over the world stop by our stand. Some of the visitors spent up to an hour at a time with us; watching demonstrations of our new green technology teaching resources and trying out our various science, technology and engineering experiments and educational software packages situated around the stand.

The biggest hits of the show for LJ Create fans were the new Sustainable Energy and Green Construction modules. As well as loving the ready made lessons that form part of the packages for teaching green technologies for the STEM subjects (Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics), teachers of all subject disciplines were enthusiastically thinking up new ideas of how they could use them within their own lessons. The feedback was amazing with so many kind and complimentary comments about the products that we had to offer.

Green Technology experiments - This photograph was taken shortly before the show opened.

The centre piece of the stand this year consisted of a table covered in green technology experiments developed by LJ Create that could be carried out in schools and colleges. Various examples of fully functional sustainable energy equipment were displayed to the visitors of the show. Each piece of equipment showed how energy could be harnessed and measured from the world’s natural energy sources such as the sun or wind.

A large crowd of teachers watch the demonstration of sustainable energy using the green energy simulator

Our Sustainable Energy simulator software package attracted a lot of interest from many teachers at the show.  A small crowd gathered around while members of LJ’s team demonstrated how diverse communities' energy problems, highlighted using different environments and scenarios within the software, could potentially be solved by destroying elderly Carbon Dioxide producing fossil fuel power stations and building greener power stations in their place. Teachers loved the completely cross-curricular nature of the package and how it could also be used to trigger all sorts of scientific, political and ecological debates within their classrooms.

The Eco Building by LJ Create.The new Eco Building created a lot of interest. The Eco Building is a fully working class demonstration model of an eco-friendly buidling. The LJ Create team demonstrated the insulation components of the walls, the double glazing, and how the wet solar panels on the roof can heat the hot water in the loft. Our team also showed teachers how the building could have its lights, heating and air conditioning powered from either wind power or the solar panels on the roof (using a high-power light to act as the sun). Teachers were also able to control and monitor the status of the building from a computer next to it. The readings on the computer screen could be enlarged for clear classroom demonstrations.

Among the other physical items on the stand, we demonstrated a working and programmable model magnetic levitation track, a science data logging experiment and the ignition trainer from our automotive technology product range. All the resources on the stand were very popular and were kept running all day every day as the stand’s visitors investigated the features of all the experiments.

Many of our first-time visitors from around the world were surprised to find that not only were many our products already available in other languages such as Spanish and Russian (in addition to UK and US English), we also had people on the stand who could also speak their languages.

Our team were delighted by the reaction of the visitors to our new products.  We were also pleased to see so many of our old friends and make many new ones at the 2011 BETT Show.