3D Rapid Prototyping Machine

A 3D printer shouldn’t be limited to building simple cubes and spheres. With our 3D printer, anything you imagine can become a physical reality that you can touch, hold and feel. Let your creativity flourish—however sophisticated or wild your designs may be.

These designs aren’t limited to just a single colour - the dual printhead is fine-tuned to build in two colours simultaneously, so your design stands out in places where it is supposed to shine.

The dual printhead is the way they work in harmony to build much more complex designs, laying down each layer with unparalleled accuracy. One printhead extrudes the build material while the other fills in areas of overhang with support material. The resulting collaboration between the two is nothing short of a perfect match, and makes creating models for our Exploring STEM Design program a breeze!

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Product: 3D Rapid Prototyping Machine
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