Kit de enseñanza de introducción a los PLCs

The PLC Trainer Teaching Set offers a rotating disc sorting application to help teach the fundamentals of PLC control. Students program the application using an industrial-standard Allen Bradley PLC.

Included in the package is our unique software PLC simulator, designed to introduce the basic concepts of PLCs and ladder logic. This enables the whole class to carry out simulated PLC control task activities at the same time.

The interface software also allows for users to develop their own programs using ladder logic-style programming commands.

Typical tasks include:

  • Creating a program that will automatically sort parts
  • Debugging and running control programs on a remote Allen Bradley PLC
  • Troubleshooting an industrial control system

The set includes:

  • PLC Application Trainer
  • Ethernet Communication Lead
  • Allen Bradley Micro820 PLC and associated software
  • Curriculum-based learning content
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291-00-AB PLCs Trainer Teaching Set (Allen Bradley)291-00-AB PLCs Trainer Teaching Set (Allen Bradley)

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Product: Kit de enseñanza de introducción a los PLCs
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