LJ Create

Education specialists since 1979

LJ Create has been providing award-winning, world-class active learning solutions for technical education for over 35 years. Today we create complete systems combining digital cloud content and tailor-made hardware kits that deliver innovative, inspiring learning in science, technology and engineering.

Our mission is to enable learners throughout the world to achieve their full potential in a wide range of science and engineering areas by providing teaching solutions for schools and further education.

Our Story:


Company founder Larry Rowe is successful in a local competition for businesses and wins a factory for one year.


LJ buys New York-based DIGIAC Corporation as part of a US expansion strategy.


First learning management system for vocational education and training is released. This product becomes ClassAct and will go on to be used in over 15,000 institutions worldwide.


The ScanTEK range of Engineering and Technology modules is released. This will prove to have a major impact on Technology Education in the US, with over 5,000 laboratories installed.


Digiac 3000 Electronics training system receives a major physical and curriculum update, with additions for autotronics and avionics.


Living with Science introduces vocational-style active learning methodology to students aged 7 to 11.


LJ Create introduces its first online learning program, SciTEX, which is adopted in schools throughout Texas.


LJ Create Inc. relocates from New York to Orlando Florida. A new cloud-based AutoLAB product is announced.


LJ Create's STEM digital library is released, including over 10,500 interactive lessons and a new search/course-building application.

LJ Create's learning systems and materials can now be found in classrooms and workshops across the world