Advanced Electronics Experiment Platform with Virtual Instrumentation

This unit uses up-to-date technology combined with Windows-based programming to integrate our experiment platform with a full set of virtual instruments into one self-contained unit. The unit is controlled by a PC through a USB port.

A complete set of virtual instruments runs on the PC, providing students with virtual multimeters, an oscilloscope with spectrum-analyzer mode, and a function-generator. A virtual data logger that can capture any combination of oscilloscope and multimeter inputs is provided, together with a grapher application.

The following facilities are provided on-board:

  • Two built-in virtual multimeters

  • One built-in virtual oscilloscope with spectrum analyzer mode

  • One built-in virtual signal generator

  • One built-in virtual data logger

More Info
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How to order

Product: Advanced Electronics Experiment Platform with Virtual Instrumentation
Code: 300-02

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