Air Conditioning Systems Panel Trainer

This demonstration unit presents the fully-operational workings of a CAN Bus-controlled convenience system from a modern vehicle. It includes all the original system components from the vehicle.

The demonstration unit allows the user to perform diagnostic work on the system through the OBD2 connector, which is connected to the main convenience system controller (ECU). The electric input and output signals from the controller have been brought out in the form of shrouded sockets which can be used with 4mm links for quick system parameter measurements. It is possible to change the modes of locking the doors and the alarm system by re-coding through the convenience system controller.

All of the CAN Bus components are from a late model VAG vehicle. A standard OBD Scan tool can be used with the unit for diagnostics work. Standard digital test meters and oscilloscopes can also be used for test and measurement.

The system comprises:

  • The convenience system controller (ECU)
  • Complete manufacturer’s system circuit mimic with integrated test points
  • Electric door locks from the central locking system
  • Electronic motors used in the power windows system
  • Heated side mirrors equipped with a position adjustment mechanism
  • Simulators of bonnet and tailgate locks
  • Vehicle interior lighting
  • Alarm
  • A set of switches for controlling the actuators
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