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Introducing our Smart Labs

We produce innovative learning spaces for a wide range of education and occupational disciplines. We call these spaces Smart Labs. We combine and customise Smart Labs to meet each customer's specific needs.

Every Smart Lab includes:

Innovative Hardware

Online LMS and lesson libraries

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Our Smart Labs are designed to create:

in students: academic, occupational and learning skills

for students, staff and stakeholders

to meet the needs of every teacher and every group of students

for the institution and individuals

for instructional staff to spend on the best parts of their jobs

digital lessons


Active learning lessons and projects develop cognitive and manipulative skills. Student-centred learning develops responsibility and lifelong learning skills. Our large library of lessons integrates science, maths, language, engineering and occupational learning.

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Students love the active learning approach and the student-centred environment. Smart labs free the teacher from the front of the room, allowing them to focus on helping each student achieve their potential. The high-tech smart labs provide an inspiring environment and a source of pride for any institution.

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The nature of Smart Labs means that staff transitions and temporary substitutions can occur with minimum disruption. Our lessons are produced to a consistently high standard to help all staff develop successful outcomes. Our huge library of courses and learning modules is so large that teachers have plenty of choice for tailoring their lessons.

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Smart Labs deliver results. Performance in a lesson is assessed against the learning objectives and courses have pre- and post- testing to gauge progress. The Learning Management System tracks and reports performance, providing teachers and administrative staff with the tools to react when appropriate. Learning modules are supported by supplementary support lessons that students can call upon when required. This in‑context academic intervention is an outstanding tool for developing maths, science and language skills.

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Our preconfigured lessons cut down on preparation time. With most students in a class occupying themselves in the smart labs, teachers can focus on the advanced or struggling students that will benefit from close attention. Smart labs are ready to run and easy to use. Staff don’t need to find the extra time normally needed to configure experiments or project work.

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innovative learning spaces

Innovative Learning Spaces

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