Supplemental Restraint System Trainer

Supplemental Restraint System Trainer

This trainer comprises real vehicle components that have been made safe for a classroom or workshop environment, using charges that have either been pre-deployed or replaced with safe replica charges. The components have been carefully sectioned and dismantled to show students the various elements that make up the system.

With the SRS trainer, it is possible to simulate faults within the system and observe the effect that these have on the deployment of the airbags and pre-tensioners in the event of a collision. Measurements can be taken either using measurement equipment on the components and test points or via the on-board diagnostic (OBD) port using a suitable vehicle diagnostic tool.

Two ECUs are contained within the trainer. The first is a resettable operational ECU used to operate the system and register fault codes. The second ECU has been sectioned and represents an ECU from a crashed vehicle. This ECU can also be read using a diagnostic tool to determine which sensors and systems have been activated or deployed.

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Product: Supplemental Restraint System Trainer
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