Engine Repair

A blended mix of hardware and software resources relating to engine diagnosis and repair

Engine Repair - By Numbers

50+ units of online instruction

8 hardware trainers

20+ units of supporting instruction

Built with IMI in Mind

Our learning content is mapped to IMI standards and we are continually updating our content to meet these standards. 

Software and Curriculum

Our Working with STEM (Automotive) library contains a vast amount of digital learning materials, easily accessible by students and staff through a web browser.

Our learning content is directly linked to IMI standards. So, what if you need to teach the principles of Valve Train Diagnosis? …Simply select that standard and our intelligent software will take care of the rest by filtering down a range of presentations, investigations and assessments SPECIFIC to your selected standard!

The content will teach you everything you need to know about Engine Repair including over 80 units of instruction that cover:

  • SI Engine Fundamentals
  • Top End Components
  • Bottom End Components
  • The Lubrication System
  • The Cooling System
  • Hybrid Vehicles… and much more!

automotive engine repair screenshot

“With this program, my students can practice their diagnostic skills in the classroom and then take that knowledge and the skills into a workshop where they can do various different tests on a real vehicle or an engine rig."

- Errol Ince, Deputy Head of School of Technology at Bromley College


Our practical equipment resources for Engine Repair help you teach automotive theory in a practical way – they include:

Learning Management

The learning materials can be accessed as an online learning course or as part of our learning management system that includes additional instructor facilities. The online LMS gives the teacher control over the construction of courses, allowing them to be tailored for their students, and includes extensive student-tracking and reporting, adding up to a world-leading solution to your automotive training needs.

learning management system

“The sheer variety and number of resources is excellent, the quality is very high. We are very happy with what we have and will continue to invest in the resources, believing that they have contributed to increased student success rates.”

- Mark Thompson, Director of ILT and e-Learning at Wiltshire College