Secondary School

Programs that help students discover STEM career pathways

We adopt an active learning approach to our middle and high school programs and incorporate project-based activities wherever possible.

Educationally, STEM teaching emphasises Science and Maths – our programs aim to put the ‘T’ and ‘E’ back into STEM education! We offer specific programs for Science (STEM Inquiry), STEM Design, Design and Technology and Computer Science.


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Introducing our Computer Science Program

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Ignite a passion for coding with our brand new study program. We teach students some of the fundamental principles of computer science and problem solving skills through the programming of robotic systems – and don’t worry, our program is suitable for coding novices!

Introducing our Design & Technology Program

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STEM Design is a flexible project-based program based on STEM themes such as agriculture, biotechnology and transportation, with a focus firmly on technology and engineering.

It introduces students to the concepts of engineering design and the basic principles of technological systems such as control systems and mechatronics.

Introducing our Science Program


A complete suite of secondary school science lessons. The focus is on science investigation, with integrated maths, English and engineering support.

Introducing our Engineering Technology Program

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Our Design and Technology program offers a diverse range of industry-focussed disciplines that will help your students prepare for college and career. With resources that relate to the Energy Sector, Manufacturing, and Electronics our program helps students connect their learning to real-world applications.

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