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Educational Robotics Invention Kit (ERIK)

The Educational Robotics Invention Kit (ERIK) provides students with an environment that motivates them to learn abstract computer science concepts in a bid to solve practical problems with physical outcomes. The combination of engineering and programming creates a dynamic environment that helps students develop problem-solving skills that involve mathematics, engineering, science and logic.

ERIK consists of intelligent servo motors, sensors, a programmable controller and a range of construction parts allowing students to design, build and program a wide range of robotic systems. The modular hardware has been designed for ease of use, no tools are required for construction.

With a wide range of example models including walking humanoid and multi-limbed robots, as well as autonomous wheeled vehicles, students quickly develop the skills needed to build and program their own models.

Typical project activities include:

  • Languages, machines, and computation
  • Algorithms and abstraction
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Data, variables and constants
  • Control structures
  • Testing and debugging
  • A series of open ended design projects to allow students to get creative 
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