Engineering Technology

A diverse range of industry-focussed disciplines

Our Engineering Technology program offers a diverse range of industry-focussed disciplines that will help your students prepare for college and career. With resources that relate to the Energy Sector, Manufacturing, and Electronics, our program helps students connect their learning to real-world applications.

A blended mix of hardware and software resources designed to prepare your students for a career in the industrial sector

Our Pint-Sized EcoBuilding (Small but Powerful!)

Our EcoBuilding is fitted with solar panels, wind turbines, glazing, insulation and a solar water heater to help you discover how your home can become more energy efficient.

A Fully-Functioning Industrial Control Work-Cell on Your Desktop!

Hands-on investigation of automated control systems… build ladder logic programs and test them on our miniature workcell.

Hands-on Activities that Link to the Real World

Complete On-Line Resource

Full range of learning content including lesson plans, presentations, and assessments all built in HTML5, no need for external plug-ins – log-in anytime anywhere!

Each practical experiment includes the list of equipment required, which is readily available in our range of unique engineering hardware packs

Why you'll love our Engineering Technology Program:


    Active Learning

    Our active learning program is composed of creative hands-on tasks and interactive virtual software that work together flawlessly to create exciting lessons and environments where students can actively engage in their own learning.


    Continually Updated

    Our team of curriculum creators are continually adding new content to the program. Look out for these new features each time you log on. Your feedback is important to us and drives us to continually improve the content you receive, and the way in which you receive it.


    Written with Teachers in Mind

    Our content creators have all been involved in the teaching profession at some stage in their careers and they know exactly what teachers need – instructional content that is easy to implement in the classroom.


    Support, Support… Support!

    At the heart of our learning content is a fully integrated support system. Every lesson includes easy access to academic and technical subject support. Teachers - If something goes wrong or you can’t find the answer online, we are only a phone call away.

The Engineering Technology learning content has been mapped to industrial qualifications and standards