This App is designed to be an introduction to constructing and operating electronic circuits. Intuitive controls and layout make Circuit Builder the perfect App for understanding the basics of electrical and electronic circuits.

Build your own virtual circuits using any combination of electrical components. The easy to use library of components includes batteries, switches, lamps, resistors (fixed and variable), capacitors, fuses, circuit breakers, buzzers, heaters and motors. Connect components using virtual wires to make a circuit. Put the App into operate mode to see it work. You can even use virtual multimeters to measure voltage, current and resistance.

Circuits can be viewed and built in either component or schematic view.

Circuit Builder screenshot

You can use any combination of components from the extensive library

Circuit Builder screenshot

Building a circuit is easy, thanks to the intuitive interface

Circuit Builder screenshot

Use virtual multimeters to measure voltage, current and resistance

Circuit Builder screenshot

Virtual circuits behave exactly as they would in real life

Circuit Builder screenshot

You can switch between component and schematic views at any time

The component library contains the following items:

  • Batteries*
    1.5V, 6V, 9V and 12V
  • Switches
    Push-to-make, Push-to-break, On-Off, 2-position single-pole, 3-position single-pole, 3-position double-pole, Thermal and Relay
  • Lamps
    6V (5W) clear, 12V (10W) clear, 12V (20W) clear, 12V (20W) red, 12V (20W) yellow and 12V (20W) blue
  • Resistors
    10Ω (5W), 50Ω (5W), 100Ω (5W), 500Ω (5W), 1kΩ (5W), 5kΩ (5W) and 10kΩ (5W)
  • Variable Resistors
    10Ω, 25Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω, 1kΩ and 10kΩ
  • Capacitors*
    500µF, 1mF, 5mF, 50mF, 100mF, 500mF and 1F
  • Fuses
    0.5A, 1A, 1.5A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 7.5A and 10A
  • Circuit Breakers
    0.5A, 1A, 5A and 10A
  • Miscellaneous
    6V Buzzer, 24V Heater (200W) and a 12V Motor (15W)

*Maximum of four batteries and one capacitor per construction.