Research and Design Teaching Set

The Research and Design package offers practical learning opportunities, to investigate the role science and technology plays in research and design. Learners develop an understanding of how STEM impacts our world, through the context of a modern mass transit system based upon a maglev train simulation.

Typical practical activities include:

  • Identify transportation issues as problems that a Research and Design project might attempt to solve
  • Extract information to create a formal list of specifications for a Design Brief
  • Investigate and Research Transportation technologies
  • Use the Internet to research information about the fuels used in Propulsion Systems
  • Use a virtual laboratory to test materials for use in making electrical contacts
  • Measure the force created by a model vehicle crashing
  • Design a buffer to be used with a model Maglev vehicle
  • Discover how computers are used to control automatic
  • Reduce the fares paid by passengers using a Maglev transportation system
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