DC Circuits Study Module

This study module introduces students to resistive circuits that operate from a DC source. Topics include basic DC circuits, Ohm’s Law, Resistors and the Wheatstone Bridge. It is supplied complete with a curriculum manual and storage case.

Typical activities include:

  • Identify the terms and units used in the basic DC circuit
  • Recognize how a multimeter is configured to measure voltage
  • Measure to a given accuracy direct voltage
  • Plot an I-V curve for a resistor from measured values in a DC circuit
  • Measure total resistance and branch currents in a parallel circuit
  • Plot resistance and voltage for a potentiometer from measured data and perform a check calculation
  • Determine lamp resistance and power in a lamp circuit from measured values
  • Diagnose faults in a Wheatstone Bridge circuit

Please note that this resource requires access to an Experiment Platform (either a 300-01 or a 300-02).

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