Core Electronics Workstation (Includes 320-00 to 320-45)

The Core Electronics series allows the practical study of a wide range of electronics subjects, including DC and AC circuits, semiconductors, analog and digital systems, telecommunications and microcontrollers.

The series comprises an electronics study trainer and component set, and a range of plug-in experiment cards. The unique design of the trainer includes a heavy duty casing with transparent protective cover.

When in use, the cover folds back to provide an angled support for the unit. With the cover closed, trainers become stackable for easy storage.

320-00 Electronics Study Trainer:

  • All on-board power supplies are short circuit/overload protected
  • Connection system for plug-in experiment cards
  • Patching area for use with component set
  • Experiment cards and patching area may be used together
  • Easy-to-use switched fault facility for fault-finding activities on the trainer and experiment cards
  • On-board signal generator providing square wave and sine wave signal sources
  • 8 logic switches and 2 pushbutton switches for use as control inputs
  • Zero insertion force socket to accommodate dual-in-line integrated circuits
  • Buzzer, white and red LEDs, and headphone
  • OR (x2), AND and inverter gates
  • Transistor switch and relay
  • 8 logic monitor LEDs for displaying logic outputs
  • 2 red and 2 green LED monitors for traffic light simulation activities
  • 2 seven-segment displays with decoder/drivers
  • Connection panel provides 2mm and 4mm sockets, test pins for oscilloscope probes and connector for powering prototyping boards
  • Includes connecting leads, shorting links and power supply adapter

The following experiment cards are included:

  • 320-01 Electronic Systems
  • 320-14 Electromagnetism
  • 320-21 Diodes and Transistors
  • 320-22 Transistor Amplifiers
  • 320-31 Operational Amplifiers
  • 320-32 Analog Integrated Circuits
  • 320-41 Combinational Logic
  • 320-42 Sequential Logic
  • 320-43 A/D-D/A Systems
  • 320-44 Encoder/Decoder Systems
  • 320-45 Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Systems
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