Displays and Accessories Systems Panel Trainer

This trainer provides students and instructors with the opportunity to demonstrate, investigate, and fault-find a simulation of typical automotive display systems. The trainer is designed to allow access to a variety of test points for vehicle electrical components and explore how they relate to dashboard displays and warning lights, as well as provide an understanding of the overall system layout and configuration. To facilitate the development of techniques in diagnostics and fault-finding skills, the panel includes a range of fault-insertion options to simulate typical real-world system malfunctions.

The optional automotive cloud-based learning resources also offer supporting material in the form of presentations, investigations and assessments to underpin the practical tasks carried out on the panel trainer.

Typical practical tasks include:

  • Measurement and display of vehicle speed
  • Measurement and display of engine RPM
  • Measurement and display of fuel level
  • Measurement and display of oil pressure
  • Measurement and display of coolant temperature
  • Direction indicator-light warning system
  • Seat belt warning system
  • Brake warning system
  • Lamp monitoring system
  • Air-bag systems (SRS)
  • Audio system
  • Windscreen wipers
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Product: Displays and Accessories Systems Panel Trainer
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