Ensure your students have the right skills for the job – our engineering program is designed to bridge the skills gap

Our engineering program comprises three main strands of Control and Instrumentation, Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering. Our comprehensive program addresses a broad range of related engineering areas, including:Industrial Control Trainer

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Mechatronics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Science
  • Engineering Materials Technology
  • Manufacturing Techniques

“One of the reasons we really liked working with LJ Create was that they had so much to offer us in the way of engineering teaching resources.” 

- Lynne Spinarto, Technology Chair Person at MacArthur High School

Control and Instrumentation

Industrial Control Work-Cell Simulator

This strand of our program covers motor control, sensing and instrumentation through to PLC programming. The resources in this program provide excellent training for real-world, in-demand skills.

Mechanical Engineering

hydraulics simulator screenshot

Our mechanical engineering strand covers hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanisms. A complete series of digital learning content is supported by real-world trainers to aid in the understanding of mechanical engineering concepts.

Electronic Engineering

electronics trainer

From basic electronics through to complex systems, the electronics strand of our engineering program gives students the skills and confidence to build and study circuits in detail.

“I think it’s cool to use the computer simulator programs to do experiments.” 

- Sam, student at Kenston Middle School