Transducers, Instrumentation and Control Teaching Set

This resource package is a complete control and instrumentation training system that includes virtual test equipment and curriculum manuals.

The package includes:

  • Transducers, Instrumentation and Control Trainer (217-50)
  • Data Acquisition of Control Systems (217-60)

With 26 different input transducers, 12 output transducers, 26 signal conditioning circuit elements, and integrated power supplies, the Transducers and Instrumentation Trainer 217-50 is the most comprehensive trainer available. The transducer and signal conditioning elements of this trainer are typical of those used throughout industry.

Typical activities include:

  • Compare the applications of a carbon track variable resistor with those of a wire-wound type
  • Deduce temperature from a voltage reading across a transducer
  • Compare the various methods of measuring sound signals
  • Select a suitable display device for a particular voltage measurement
  • Investigate the construction and characteristics of an air flow transducer
  • Determine the characteristics of an ON/OFF control system
  • Investigate the characteristics of a speed control system

How to Order

How to order

Product: Transducers, Instrumentation and Control Teaching Set
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